UrbanStems Review: Uncovering the Truth About One of the Best Flower Delivery Services

There’s nothing like receiving a bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers to brighten up your home and your day. UrbanStems’ online delivery service transforms the luxury of designer bouquets into a service which is convenient, affordable and available to everyone across the nation.

UrbanStems creates and delivers succulents, plants and dried bouquets throughout the United States. It sells its products as subscriptions and individual purchases, sourcing plants from sustainable farms. UrbanStems offers same-day or next-day deliveries (depending on the delivery location) to ensure that your flowers are in full bloom for as long as you can.

What is UrbanStems?
UrbanStems offers online flower delivery services that deliver fresh bouquets and dried bouquets as well as succulents and a few plants within one day after the order is placed. Customers can place individual orders or subscribe to regular deliveries.

UrbanStems offers a wide range of options and filters when you visit the website. You can select bouquets for specific occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays. Or you can search by seasonal flowers or your favorite type of flower. Fresh bouquets usually start at $40. A few smaller plants can be purchased for even less. The most expensive bouquets can cost over $200 for larger, more luxurious purchases.

UrbanStems’ in-house floral designers create all bouquets. Each bouquet includes a detailed description and a list of what’s in it. This is important to avoid allergies, children, or pets. The bouquets have been curated and are designed in advance, so there are few customization options. Customers can double or triple the stem count in some bouquets, but the designs are already set. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. The shop is constantly updated with new flower combinations.

UrbanStems’ claim that it can deliver orders quickly to any location in the United States is one of its biggest selling points. However, there are some limitations. The same-day service is only available to New York City and Washington, D.C. addresses, with certain exclusions. You can order flowers to be delivered the next day in most major cities. However, this option may not be available at all locations. Some deliveries may take up to one week and you might need to plan a few more days in advance. Some flowers, and by extension some bouquets, aren’t available year-round, but you can always choose new seasonal options.

All purchases are final once you have placed your order. There are no returns or exchanges allowed. If a customer receives a damaged bouquet, they can submit a claim to UrbanStems within three days from the date of shipment. If UrbanStems accepts their claim, the customer will be given a replacement. UrbanStems cannot guarantee an exact product replacement. In some cases, store credit may be issued instead.

UrbanStems is for everyone.
UrbanStems will help you bring color and life into your home while ensuring that the flowers are fresh and of high quality. It is known for its quick delivery service. Customers can be assured that their bouquets will arrive quickly, sometimes the same day or next day. They will also be beautiful and fresh. UrbanStems is a good service to use if you’re looking to make your purchase reflect sustainability. All of its flowers are sourced from sustainable, responsible farms.

UrbanStems offers flowers for every occasion. Each bouquet has a tag that gives you ideas for what occasion it is “best” suited for. You can also choose by the colors and flowers of your choice. It’s a great last-minute option, but it can also be ordered “just because”.

Product Variety
UrbanStems has two main types of products to offer: subscriptions and individual bouquets. You can buy individual bouquets, as well as green plants and succulents. All of these are designed and curated by floral designers. They come from Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable farms. These farms have been specially certified to follow a variety of sustainable farming practices. They produce beautiful blooms all year round, while also focusing on a commitment towards using resources, labor, and land in sustainable, fair ways.

Bouquets come in a variety of sizes, styles, themes, and designs. Some are seasonal, others for special events, while some just feature a single flower. Many bouquets can be delivered the next day in most locations. You can also add a vase for an extra fee. Individual bouquets do not include shipping, which costs between $10 and 15 depending on location and delivery schedule.

Consider one of three UrbanStems Subscriptions if you want to get fresh flowers delivered regularly, whether for yourself or someone else. The UrbanStems floral designer will deliver your flowers as part of these subscriptions. You will not be able to select each bouquet. Instead, you sign up for the subscription level and frequency you want, and then you will receive a new, vibrant bouquet every month.

Subscriptions can either be paid upfront for a specific number of deliveries, or charged on a regular basis. You can modify your subscription anytime, whether to adjust delivery schedules or change to another tier. All subscriptions come with free shipping on every order.

Classic subscriptions cost $55 each and can be delivered every week, every two weeks, or even monthly. These bouquets are “timeless”, classic arrangements, created by an expert floral design team. The first delivery comes with a glass vase. Subsequent deliveries will not.

As the name implies, this subscription is geared towards sending stunning arrangements of seasonal flowers. The cost is $75 for each delivery. You can choose from weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries. The first delivery comes with a glass vase as well as a pair UrbanStems-branded shears.

Luxe subscriptions are the most expensive, costing $105 for each delivery. They can be delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly. These bouquets, which are referred to as “premium”, often have more stems and a greater proportion of expensive flower varieties. Each bouquet includes a premium vase and a pair UrbanStems-branded shears.

Urbanstems Bouquet
Individual bouquets range from $30 to $245 (shipping is not included).
The Classic Subscription is $55 per delivery, including shipping
The seasonal subscription: $75 per shipment (shipping included).
The Luxe Subscription is $105 per delivery, including shipping
UrbanStems doesn’t offer a discount for first-time customers. The company will occasionally run sales and markdowns on certain bouquets. Sign up for their rewards program to earn points for every purchase. You can then redeem these points for discounts or free gifts.

UrbanStems customer reviews
UrbanStems was praised by reviewers for its variety and quality. Thingtesting received several reviews that praised the company’s beautiful, modern, and creative bouquet designs, which emphasize fresh flowers over excessive greenery or other filler. In the same reviews, customers also praised the option to add a personal note, as well as the variety of price points and “luxury feel” of the product and service.

Some reviewers, however, said that the delivery could have improved. Both Trustpilot and Influenster reviewers mentioned that flowers arrived late even though they were ordered in advance. Many of the same reviews expressed frustration over the freshness, noting that some bouquets were wilted or bruised.

Is there a physical location for UrbanStems?
UrbanStems is not a store you can visit to buy flowers. The two “hubs” are located in New York City, and Washington, D.C., so orders for delivery within these two cities can be delivered the same day if they are placed before 2 pm ET. ET. Even if you order in one of these cities, some restrictions and exclusions might apply.

UrbanStems offers discounted bouquets
UrbanStems offers discounted bouquets as well as other deals. You can find the floral arrangements that are on sale by clicking on the “Sale tab” on their website. You can also see the original price and the discounted price on the site, so that you know exactly what you are getting. UrbanStems offers special deals or discounts on occasion to help you save even more money. You can earn points by ordering flowers and redeeming them for gifts or discounts on future orders.

Where does UrbanStems source its flowers?
UrbanStems is a partner with Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms, who are certified to adhere to processes that promote economic, social and environmental sustainability. UrbanStems’ in-house florists create beautiful bouquets using fresh flowers sourced by these farming partners. This ensures that the flowers you receive are fresh, in season, and made using sustainable farming methods.

Subscriptions to UrbanStems are cheaper than purchasing bouquets individually.
UrbanStems subscriptions can be more affordable than some of the company’s individual bouquets. The majority of bouquets are priced between $60-$100 (although some are cheaper), whereas subscriptions can range from $55-$105 per delivery. Subscription deliveries come with free delivery, while individual bouquets have a fee for shipping and delivery, often between $10 and $15 per order.

UrbanStems is not always the most economical option in the market for fresh bouquets. A bouquet can be purchased in a local shop for less than $40. However, the quality, size and variety of flowers will vary. UrbanStems subscriptions offer the convenience of not having drive to a shop or to place orders individually with local florists each time.