The Bouqs Co. versus UrbanStems: A Comprehensive Guide to Flower Delivery Services

There’s no wrong time to buy flowers. It could be Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Your friend may have just had a baby. You buddy might have been dumped. Spring has arrived and you’re craving daisies. It makes sense to order flowers from two of the most reliable flower delivery services, The Bouqs Co. or UrbanStems. These two e-florists provide a simple and budget-friendly way to find the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

We’ve created this head-tohead comparison between The Bouqs Co., UrbanStems to help you decide which suits your needs. We evaluated their pros and cons as well as the ins and outs of each, including costs, services, and customer feedback. You’ll know which company to go with the next time you need a bouquet for an event.

The Bouqs Co.
The Bouqs Co. has a wide range of products. You’re almost guaranteed to find something that your recipient will like on The Bouqs website, no matter who it is you are shopping for. The company makes suggestions for every occasion, from birthdays and sympathy to just because, and lets you search their inventory by color, type of flower, and other categories like whether they are new or under $50. The Bouqs has a weekly super-sale on a bouquet for those who are budget-conscious.

The Bouqs Co. flower delivery
Customers in major cities from Boston to Boise can receive same-day delivery through e-florist. You can check if same-day deliveries are available in your zip code by clicking here. You can order next-day delivery in the rest of the U.S. as long as your order is placed before noon. The company partners with eco-friendly farmers to deliver the freshest flowers possible as quickly as they can. Local florists fulfill same-day orders, while FedEx delivers next-day flowers within the United States. The Bouqs partner farms in South America fill no-rush orders.

The Bouqs also sells dried plants and flowers, helps clients with their wedding plans, and sells DIY party boxes with 100 flowers you can arrange as you wish. The Bouqs also offers a highly customizable flower subscription that will provide you with fresh blooms on a regular basis. You can choose between three different bouquets and how often they should be delivered.

UrbanStems offers another great online flower delivery service. The company sources its flowers from Rainforest Alliance certified farms that use sustainable farming methods to grow their flowers. Unsure what to buy? UrbanStems offers a variety of options, including a special collaboration with “Bridgerton” or a range of flower subscription services that are easy to sign up for. There are three different subscription options, including one that has a seasonal focus. You can also choose to receive flowers every week, every two weeks, or once a month.

Urbanstems Bouquet
The Spruce by Abbey Littlejohn
UrbanStems offers same-day flower delivery in New York City and Washington, D.C. You can order fresh or dried plants and flowers for delivery the next day anywhere else as long as your order is placed by 3 pm.

UrbanStems offers a free three-tiered rewards program for repeat customers. It gives them access to special events and early sales. You can earn points by shopping on the website, referring a friend, leaving a review, following the company on Facebook, or engaging with them in other ways.

The Bouqs Co. The Bouqs Co.
The site is well organized and makes it easy for customers to place orders. The freshness of the flower and how long they last before drooping and losing petals is also a big hit. Bouqs Co. is also praised for its reasonable prices. Customers say that flowers of this size and quality would be more expensive elsewhere. The monthly flower subscription was a popular choice among customers who were happy with both the flexibility and quality of the service. The Bouqs Co. customer service agents were extremely helpful to those who had issues.

Some reviewers reported that they were unable to reach customer service and others had difficulty receiving tracking information in a timely fashion.

UrbanStems Reviews
UrbanStems customers praised the attractiveness of their floral arrangements. They also said that they were well packaged and received without damage. The customer service responded to all questions and concerns.
Some shoppers complained that the pictures on the website did not reflect what they received. Some people had shipping delays, and the reasons for these delays were not clearly stated.

Pros and cons
The Bouqs Co.

A well-designed website simplifies ordering

Delivers the same day in several cities

The Deal of the Week is a great way to save money for shoppers who are on a budget

If there is a problem with your order, you will receive credit but no refund

Some bouquets cannot be shipped same-day

Shipping costs extra on all orders except subscriptions


Partner with sustainable farming methods

Gifts such as diffusers and gardening tools, candles, and other gifts are sold.

Chat with customer service seven days a Week
Only two cities offer same-day delivery

The company will replace any damaged goods, but all sales are final.

Shipping costs extra on all orders except subscriptions

Alternatives to The Bouqs Co.
The Bouqs Co., and UrbanStems may be excellent online florists but they’re not the only ones. There are many other retailers that offer flowers by subscription or a la carte. You may find a better option depending on your budget and where you would like your flowers delivered, as well as your time requirements, subscription options, and the gifts you are looking for. Consider these three top flower services.

BloomsyBox Mother’s Day Flower Delivery
The Spruce by Abbey Littlejohn
Starting Price: $49.99
No shipping charges? Free shipping?
Subscribe to receive your subscription every 1, 2, or four weeks
BloomsyBox offers a variety of subscriptions, including eucalyptus plans, roses-only subscriptions, eucalyptus plans and pet-safe blooms. BloomsyBox offers a variety of subscriptions. Most flower delivery services offer two or three types of mixed flower plans.

Farmgirl Flowers
Farmgirl Flowers flower delivery
The Spruce by Abbey Littlejohn
Starting Price: $58
Shipping is free on select orders? Select orders qualify for free shipping
Subscribe to receive your subscription every 1, 2, or four weeks
Farmgirl Flowers offers stylish arrangements that are ready for photos, wrapped in burlap, or in elegant vases. The site has a simple navigation, with links that lead to flowers on sale or that ship for free. Are you planning a festive party? You can order a box with 100 flowers and foliage that you can arrange as you please. Got a question or a concern? This company is known for providing excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts
Each has its own strength. The Bouqs has studios located in Chicago, New York and Beverly Hills for those who want a more in-person experience. UrbanStems offers fun collaborations that you won’t find anywhere else. Both offer next-day delivery across the country. Both subscription models are the same. The decision of which florist to order from ultimately depends on what you want and the flower arrangement that speaks to you, rather than a clear winner in a stem to stem comparison.

How can I get same-day flower delivery?
Yes! Several online flower shops provide same-day deliveries, but the availability of this service is limited. The Bouqs Co., as well as UrbanStems, offer same-day deliveries in some major markets. As of the time of this press release, The Bouqs offers same-day delivery in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, among other major cities. UrbanStems, however, only provides same-day deliveries to customers located in New York, D.C., and Chicago.

What Flowers are safe for pets?
If you prefer a plant, you can choose from a wide variety of indoor plants that are safe for dogs and cats. These include bromeliads, mosaic plants, prayer plants, haworthias and spider-plants. Many indoor plants are safe for cats and dogs, such as haworthias and spider plants. Even non-toxic flowers and plants can upset the stomach of pets when they are ingested.

How can you make flowers last longer?
The flower food that came with your bouquet is the best way to prevent your daisies drooping. It’s as simple as adding it to fresh water. Longer-lasting flowers. You didn’t receive a packet when you ordered? You can make your own flower food with sugar, bleach, and lemon or lime juice.

What’s Better: Ordering Flowers Online or from a Local Florist
The choice between an online florist and a local florist is based on your location and what you are looking for. E-florists are hard to beat when it comes down to the national scope, consistency of their offerings, and fast, easy ordering. There are also many talented independent florists who will create beautiful arrangements according to your instructions. If you’re near one, you can stop by to talk about creating a unique gift for someone special.