25 Creative Garden Edging Ideas to Beautify Your Yard on a Budget

The garden edging is a great way to add a statement to your yard. You can get the same look with these inexpensive garden edging options, no matter your budget. You can save more money by doing this project yourself. This is a good project for beginners.
The garden edging can be made from a wide range of materials. These are usually hardscapes such as bricks or pavers, but they can also be organic using materials such as mulch or plants. It doesn’t matter what edging you choose, the border will define the entire space.


Mulch Garden Edging
Mulch as an edging in a garden

Mulch can be used to create a garden edge that is inexpensive. Mulch is made from a variety of materials, but wood chips have been used in this case. The wood chips not only look great but also stop weeds growing and keep your plants moist.


Bricks with a Curve
Backyard with brick edging

Bricks are an inexpensive way to create a garden edge. It will look as if you spent a lot of money. Curved brick edges are not only beautiful, but they also allow you to avoid worrying about straight lines when you put everything together.


Pavers and Rocks
Pavers and stones are used to create a border.

Use two materials for your garden’s edge. Pavers are used to create an attractive edge. The other area of the yard is created with interesting rocks, which includes the trees and shrubs.


Natural Plant Edging
An organic garden edge

Here, the edging is done beautifully. The edge is created with plants, flowers and bushes. It’s a great idea because you are likely to buy the plants for the opposite side anyway.


Stone Path
The path and yard edge

A path can be used to separate a yard from a garden. The path is made of stones and pavers for a formal garden. This beautiful stone pathway really brings out the green of the grass.


Wood Edge
Wooden edging around a flowerbed

Wood can also be used to border a yard or garden. A small flower bed has been edged by some wood logs. It’s not necessary to have a large garden to create a crisp, clean look. This is a unique look and it’s very easy to change if necessary.


Edging Wall
Brick wall used as an edging

Bricks are used here to create a wall which acts as a border between the garden, and the lawn. You can also build a wall using pavers or rocks. This project will be more expensive than the average edge because you are using more materials. It makes a statement, and that might be what you are looking for.


Two rows of Edging
Two rows of pavers and garden edging

Choose a cheap material, and then make another row using the same material. Pavers work well, but you could use almost anything. The pavers should be staggered to create an edge that is straight. This technique is great for smaller flower beds and gardens.


Boulder Border
Garden bed with rock edge

Consider adding small boulders to your garden’s edging for a more natural appearance. Here, boulders and mulch are used to separate the flower bed from the rest. This is a cost-effective way to give your garden a unique edge.


Small Raised Garden Bed
Wooden edging between a garden and yard

This is a simple and inexpensive idea for a garden edging that only requires a few items. It also takes very little time to install. The garden’s edge is made of inexpensive lumber. The frame is nailed to create a border that separates the small garden from the gravel yard.


Poured concrete and Gravel
Poured concrete edge

Poured concrete makes a great choice for garden edges. It’s used here to add some organic curves in an area filled with gravel. It creates two distinct spaces, the garden and yard.


Railroad Tie Crossing
Rail tie edging

Railroad ties are another inexpensive way to edge your garden. If you are lucky, you may even be able get them for free. This creates a rustic separation between the garden and yard. It’s been raised here to give it more definition.


Mini Wooden Fence
Mini fence used as an edging

A fence can add character to your backyard. They are not just for privacy. This mini fence is built to separate a space in the yard. Here, flowers are planted against the fence.


Stacked Rock
A flowerbed with a stone-stacked edge

The rocks have been stacked on top of each other in order to create a border that separates the lawn from the garden. You can easily install this project yourself and save money by not hiring someone else to do it.


Rustic meets Formal
The formal garden with a log-edge

You can save money by using what you have. An old log is used here to make a difference between the garden and yard. The formal garden emphasizes the rustic edging.


Garden Plastic Edging
Wavy garden edging

Plastic landscape edging has many advantages over other types. It is relatively cheap, easy to install and will last many years. You can create straight lines or curves around your garden.


Fences Decorative
White decorative fence used for edging

Try a small decorative fencing if you are looking for something truly unique. The fence goes around the entire garden and creates a barrier against the wall. This could be paired with mulch, rocks or even just the fence to create a division.


Clean Lines
A shovel is used to edge a flowerbed

You can create the cheapest garden edging by doing it yourself. A shovel is used to dig a trench that will act as a sharp border between the yard and garden. The system is easy to install, but requires regular maintenance.


Simple Fence
The wooden fence is edging and the rope is used to create the border.

Many of these cheap garden edging designs require you to keep the edging low. This is not the case, instead a tall fence has been built along the garden’s edge. This is an excellent way to keep big plants where they belong.


Flagstone Edging Path
A path of flagstones around the edge of a garden

Flagstones are a cost-effective and popular way to edge your garden. The pathway made from them looks stunning. The stones are used as a border for the pots, plants and flowers that surround them.


Scalloped Stones
Scalloped garden edging

It’s possible to have the budget-friendly stones you desire and still stay within your budget. The scalloped border of concrete is used to surround a tree and contain plants. The concrete border is a great way to make a statement, but it’s not used much because the area is so small.


Rocky Mulch
Garden edging made from rocks and mulch

Here, the edging is extreme. It separates a formal yard from a well maintained garden. The outermost edge is made of rock, and different colored mulches are then added to add some variety. You can save money by using different colored materials to enhance your garden.


Faux Stone
A faux brick garden edge

Faux stone can be used as a quick-and-easy edging that will keep everything in place. Faux stone is a great alternative to real stone. The same look at a lower price.


Concrete and Stone
The garden edge is made of rock and concrete

This garden edge is made up of stones and concrete. The natural stone look is still there, but the edge has been polished. This is a durable edging you can use year after year.


Rustic Rocks
A natural garden edge

This is rustic at its best. You can create a garden edge using rocks with this inexpensive idea. These rocks aren’t special, and they’re easy to locate. Create a natural edge with them that will last for many generations.