Enhance Your Outdoor Space with 30 Ingenious Garden Trellis Concepts

Are you a gardener or planning to plant some ivy? A trellis is an excellent way to direct plants in a specific direction and add personality to any outdoor space. This trellis can be used to accent a room or as a privacy screening. It is also an easy project for anyone to do.

Are you looking for some inspiration? Here are 30 ideas for garden trellis.


Do it Yourself
Livestock panel trellis

The DIY trellis is made of cattle panels and it’s a simple way to increase the space in your garden. This metal trellis is a cost-effective way to encourage vegetables to grow vertically.


Use PVC Pipe
PVC pipe outdoor trellis

You can build a trellis using PVC pipes. This trellis is a great way to allow plants to grow.


Ivy is a great way to close off a yard.
Climbing ivy trellis

The privacy screens and ficuses of this refined outdoor seating area are 100-inch high. Emily Bowser created a stunning backyard retreat that you can recreate yourself.


Frame Your Plants
Bamboo garden trellis

Bamboo is a great option for DIY trellises. Bamboo and twine are used to support tomato plants.


Add an Arch
Arched garden trellis

When building a trellis, go the extra mile. Mesh is used to support climbing plants, and it also creates a unique shape. This trellis has a riot of vibrant flowers.


Make it Your Own
Chevron trellis

This wooden trellis is a modern version of a classic garden lattice. It was constructed with pressure-treated boards and drywall strips.


Enjoy Some Privacy
Privacy Trellis

Create your own garden by attaching a trellis to two planters. This easy to make trellis will look great on any patio.


Simple with Pine
Outdoor pine trellis

Trellises are not just for plants. This DIYed pine fence pairs with comfy outdoor furniture, a painted checkerboard porch, and thrifted lighting fixtures in Texas.


Create a Rooftop Oasis
Slatted rooftop trellis

This UK rooftop garden features slatted panels that provide privacy and a place for climbing plants.


Add Fall Foliage
Pumpkin trellis

Utah sisters Jess Meg and Nik, who have more than 100,000 Instagram followers, share gardening tips. This semi-circular trellis garden is perfect for the fall. Install it in your garden to grow mini-pumpkins and other plants.


Line the Stairs
Stairwell trellis

Raising the bar by adding a trellis to your stairs will make it look more attractive. This unpainted wooden trellis is a traditional way to add greenery.


Create a Sunflower Paradise
White garden trellis featuring sunflowers

Sunflower lovers, rejoice. This white trellis makes a wonderful base for perennials and sunflowers.


Make it Bright and Playful
Bright garden trellis

This cheerful garden comes to life with hand-crafted pavers and plants. Oversized butterflies also add a touch of color. Holly Capelle, a blogger from the Pacific Northwest, has six children, five chickens and a dog. The garden must be child-friendly and have lots of space for them to explore.


Simple Is Best
Simple Wood Trellis

The Instagram of North Carolina blogger The Ever Hopeful Gardener is full of DIYs and composting hacks. This wood trellis is easy to build and can support many different plants.


Beyond Basic
Vines on Black Fence

This backyard is a study in contrasts. The contrast between the white furniture and black-stained wood, as well as the wood pergola, allows for all of this greenery to be highlighted. Wood slats, wood stain and white furniture will help you create the look.


Utilize a Pergola
Pergola Trellis

You don’t want more structures in your yard. Buy a piece of furniture that can do two things. A pergola can shade your outdoor dining area and provide a place for climbing plants.


Chicken Wire: What to Choose?
Chicken wire planter

Chicken wire can be purchased for under $20. You can easily stack fencing to contain or spread leaves or protect individual plants against household pets and garden pests.


Choose a Porthole
Porthole trellis

This wood trellis from The Garden Trellis Co. features portholes for enjoying the view of your neighbor.


Diamond Patterned Trellis
Garden trellis and flowers

For a more upscale look, plant some flowers or ivy on a fence with a diamond shaped trellis.


Frame it Out
Trellis made of wood and wire in rectangular shape

Build a rectangular frame from lumber to make a DIY trellis. Charleston Crafted’s trellis is made from wood and wire. You can build one in any size to fit your yard.


Mark the Entrance
Entrway Trellis

This arched arbor was made of wood and lattice. Its stain matches the other elements in this garden. Add this arbor to a gate for a welcome addition.


Match with a Garden Bed
Black garden trellis

This backyard is a moody one with thoughtful landscaping. It includes a triangular garden bed supported by trellises.


Make it the Star
Fenced-in garden trellis

This trellis arch is the centerpiece of this Utah garden. Create a path using stone pavers, flowerboxes, and other materials.


Switch it up
Multi-wire trellis

You can’t choose the best trellis for your yard. Build unique trellises using wire, wood and other materials. Don’t be scared to use multiple trellises of different materials in your yard.


Trellises Aren’t Just For Ivy
Trellised Fruit Tree

This trellis is a real show-stopper. You can use hooks and wire to trellis fruit trees instead of the traditional ivy. This is a great way to train apples, pears and peaches.


A Secret Garden
Brick path trellis

For a peaceful backyard, a brick path, colorful flowers, and a wood trellis will do. Imagine spending afternoons under this wooden pergola.


Pick a Color Scheme
Purple garden trellis

Love a certain color? You can show off your favorite color in the garden by using a trellis painted the same shade, pots that are unique, or coordinating plants.


Buy a Pegboard
Trellis made of pegboard

Pegboard trellis can be used to add color and small plants in any room. Plants can be used to create a living wall.


An Obelisk for Beginners
obelisk trellis

This DIY obelisk can be used for a variety of plants. Hang lightweight pots and trailing plants. Over time, your garden will become a stunning statement.


Train Your Roses
Rose trellis

Climbing roses transform an empty wall, trellis or fence into a stylish space. Roses can grow up to 12 feet in a short time, so it is important to prune and trim them as needed. Train roses to grow against a structure like a trellis that will support their growth.