A Compilation of 15 Cat-Safe Succulents for Your Home

No wonder succulents make such great houseplants. These stunning specimens thrive in neglect and can fit into even the smallest apartments. If you want to find species that will fit in with your cat friends, then you should avoid prickly succulents and toxic ones, such as jade plants.


Mexican Peacock Echeveria
A Mexican peacock Echeveria in close-up among other succulents
The Spruce by Adrienne Legault
The low-maintenance flower-shaped species of echeveria are among the most popular succulents. They are also cat-friendly. Mexican peacock is perfect for those who love brown-thumbed plants. All they need is some sunshine and occasional watering.

Haworthia (Haworthia spp.)
Haworthia succulent with retro white and pink pot, a white watering container next to it
The Spruce
They prefer bright indirect light but, unlike most succulents, they can survive with less. Just make sure you don’t overwater.


Chinese Money Plant
Chinese money plant in a white pot on a shelf with other plants
The Spruce by Krystal Slagle
With some indirect, bright light and irregular irrigation, the cat-friendly coin-shaped leaves of the Chinese money plants (Pileapeperomioides), are easy to maintain. If the legends of this plant are to be believed, it might bring you good luck in your financial life.

Donkey’s tail
Donkey’s Tail Plant in a White Pot on a Pile of Papers
The Spruce/ LetAcia Almeida
Don’t worry about your cat fighting with the trailing tendrils on your Donkey’s Tail. Be mindful that the stems can be easily damaged by playful paws. Choose a sunny location and water the succulent when the well draining potting mixture is dry.


Hens and Chicks
There are many large and small Hens and Chicks plates in gravel
The Spruce by Kara Riley
These succulents are hardy and can be used to form a mat in your outdoor rock garden. These succulents are hardy and can be used to form a mat in your outdoor rock garden. Just avoid too much shade and choose well-draining ground.


Dragon Fruit Cactus
Close-up of dragon fruit cactus bloom and leaves
The Spruce (Gyscha Rendy)
Try a dragonfruit cactus. It’s a beautiful cactus that is safe for cats.


Ghost Plant
A cluster of ghost plants in a close-up photo taken from the top.
This is another nontoxic succulent for pets. This is a non-toxic succulent, so you do not have to worry that your cat will be affected by the farina layer.


Christmas Cactus
A Christmas flowering cactus growing on a white chair
The Spruce by Kara Riley
The Christmas cactus5 is a pet-friendly cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii). Schlumbergera buckleyi is prickle free and has pretty tubular pink, orange or white flowers that add color to winter. These plants prefer diffused light, and they need to be watered more regularly.


Living Stones
From above, a photo of succulents living in stone.
The Spruce (Anastasiia Tretiak)
Living stone succulents, which are slow-growing and odd-looking (Lithops species), will add an interesting element to your garden. These low-growing, stemless species have evolved to look like rocks to deter animals from eating them. However, your cat can still nibble on them as they don’t harm them.


Hindu Rope Plant
Hindu rope plant in white pot next to brass watering can
The Spruce by Cori Sears
You won’t need to worry if your cat starts pawing the trailing vines on your Hindu rope plant, Hoya carnosa “Compacta”. This species7 is nontoxic and will not harm your cat. It doesn’t require much to maintain the curly, eye-catching leaves. Choose a well drained potting mixture, a warm location with bright indirect light and water deeply after the leaves are fully dried.


Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm growing in a pot of white on a table next to a rattan armchair
The Spruce by Lisa Ruschioni
The ponytail palm is often mistaken as an indoor palm because of its bulbous stem and strappy leaves. However, it is a pet-safe8 succulent that makes for a beautiful desktop specimen. This easy-to-care for houseplant will thrive with bright light and regular watering.


Ghost Echeveria
On top of a tablemat, four pots with ghost echeveria.
The Spruce (Cielito Vivas)
The ghost echeveria is a great choice if you want a succulent that will stand out and be cat-safe. This drought-tolerant species is tolerant of neglect because it has silvery-gray, fleshy leaves that grow in short-stemmed rosette. It only needs a spot of sunshine in your home.


Mexican Snowballs
Close up of Mexican snowball succulent foliage
The Spruce by Cori Sears
The Mexican snowball, or Echeveria elegans, is a popular succulent for pets. These beautiful plants will thrive if you give them plenty of sun and sand soil.


Mexican Firecracker
Mexican firecracker succulents arranged in a large terracotta pot
The Spruce (Cielito Vivas)
You can choose from a variety of cat-safe echeverias. The Mexican firecracker, Echeveria setosa, is also easy to find. They only need a lot of sunlight, loose potting soil, and deep watering every now and then to thrive.


Thanksgiving Cactus
Cactus flowering for Thanksgiving in a terracotta container
The Spruce by Adrienne Legault
The Thanksgiving cactus is pet-friendly and thorn free, just like its cousin, the Christmas Cactus. This is another that will reward you as the temperatures drop with beautiful blooms if you provide medium indirect light, and moisture.

What happens if my cat eats a succulent?

Even if the succulent is perfectly safe for cats, they can still get upset stomachs if they consume enough flowers or foliage. If your cat has severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea, you should consult your veterinarian. If you’re not sure whether the succulent is safe to give cats, call your vet or Pet Poison Helpline immediately, especially if they’re showing signs of illness.

How can I keep my cat from eating my succulents?
Even species that are considered pet-safe can cause upset stomachs, so you do not want your cat to destroy your prized plants. Keep your plants on high shelves or in hanging baskets to prevent your cat from damaging them. Also, make sure your cat is provided with enough enrichment such as toys and edible cat grass.