Discover 22 Do-It-Yourself Indoor Greenhouse Concepts

These DIY indoor greenhouses will help your plants flourish, even during the winter. The greenhouse will give them the light and warmth they need to reach their full potential. You can display your plants in even the smallest of spaces with an indoor greenhouse. These greenhouses are also mobile and can be taken indoors or outdoors.

The indoor greenhouses are simple and small, or more complex projects that take a bit longer. All of these projects are beginner-friendly, but some are perfect for children while others are only suitable for adults. You’ll find a variety of greenhouse ideas.

To get the best use from your greenhouse, make sure it receives enough sunlight. It should be placed as close as possible to a window. Consider buying a grow lamp to put inside your greenhouse if you do not have enough natural lighting.


Picture Frame Mini Greenhouse
White coffee table with greenhouse on top
The Wicker House
Here’s a more compact project: an indoor greenhouse which can only accommodate a few small plants. The greenhouse is made by spray painting picture frames and hot-gluing them together. This page will explain the entire process. You can make a greenhouse by placing it next to a window.


How to Build a Greenhouse Cabinet
The cabinet is filled with plants
MidWestern Jungle
This indoor greenhouse can be made from an IKEA Fabrikor. This project will show you how to turn the cabinet into an indoor greenhouse by adding grow lights, humidifiers, fans, and other accessories. This is a simple project that has a big impact.


IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet
Glass cabinet with plants
This detailed project uses an IKEA Milsbo cabinet as a greenhouse. This project includes fans, a growlight, and a temperature gauge to make it work. You’ll find a number of tips on how to setup the system for optimal growth.


Rudsta Greenhouse Cabinets
A woman stands in front of an enclosed greenhouse
This greenhouse will create a stunning focal point in your living space. A Rudsta cabinet from IKEA is transformed into an indoor green house. The end result is an elegant cabinet that shows off your plants. You can watch a video that shows how the cabinet is assembled. The video is in Finnish, but it’s still worth watching.


Green Indoor Cabinet Greenhouse
Green greenhouse cabinet at the corner of a living room
This cabinet was found while thrifting. The shelves and light are then added. The result is an attractive green greenhouse with plenty of room for plants, but small enough to store away.


Simple Indoor Greenhouse
A lamp placed over a plastic container that covers plants
The Glorified Tomatomato
Here is a project the kids can do. This simple indoor greenhouse is made from a plastic container placed under a lamp to encourage the growth of seeds. This is a good set-up if you have limited space and want something small.


Cabinet Greenhouse
Tall cabinet with plants
MidWestern Jungle
This indoor greenhouse is made from an IKEA cabinet called Detolf. The inside of this unique greenhouse is covered with moss and plants. This unique greenhouse doubles as a piece of art. You can follow the detailed instructions to make your own greenhouse if you wish.


Indoor Greenhouse Shelf
A shelf made into a greenhouse
You can turn a metal shelf into an indoor greenhouse by converting it. The entire shelving unit is covered in order to retain the warmth that comes from the window.


Indoor Jungle Greenhouse
A fish tank with plants and flowers in a living area
You can forget the fish! Keep your plants happy and warm with an aquarium. This is a great idea that could help you reuse something in your garage.


Recycled Mini Greenhouse
Dirt, seeds, and a mini greenhouse
Homesteading in Ohio
This recycled mini greenhouse is another smaller project that will help you to start some seeds. You can find all the materials you need for this mini greenhouse by looking around your craft room and recycling bin. Do not forget to include the children in this project.


IKEA Milsbo Greenhouse
Indoor greenhouse in a room
The cabinet has been converted into a beautiful greenhouse. The cabinet has been transformed into a greenhouse with the addition of tropical plants. The cabinet handle has been replaced with a plant themed one. It looks fantastic.


IKEA Rudsta Greenhouse
The lit cabinet with plants
IKEA Rudsta cabinets are being transformed into greenhouses. If you want to recreate the look, the Instagram post contains all the materials used to build the greenhouse.


Picture Frame Indoor Greenhouse
Blue greenhouse cabinet with a window
Cape Coop
This indoor greenhouse was made from a unique recycled product – old picture frames. This project will require you to use power tools because the base must be constructed before adding the picture frames. This tutorial will guide you through the process of building a greenhouse from start to finish.


Living Room Cabinet Greenhouse
Greenhouses for the living room
This is a set-up that features two IKEA cabinets which have been transformed into indoor greenhouses. When paired, the Rudsta Wide and Milsbo Tall look amazing. You can put your plants inside, on top, or all around the greenhouse.


Indoor Mini Greenhouse
Metal shelf with plants, grow lights and a metal shelf
Another example of a shelf that has been transformed into a greenhouse. Grow lights are the only thing used here. This is a simple setup that only requires a few lights.


Socker Mini Greenhouse
Close-up shot of a greenhouse filled with plants
IKEA offers a ready-to-go greenhouse, the Socker minigreenhouse. This cute greenhouse fits perfectly on a large window sill. The top opens, allowing you to easily access your seeds or plants.


DIY Mini Greenhouse
Close-up of succulents growing in a greenhouse
Caylin Harris/The Spruce Crafts
Here’s an easy DIY mini-greenhouse that is perfect for beginners or children. You will need a large container to hold your plants. The base layer of pebbles is then added, followed by succulents. This greenhouse will make your plants happy if you place it near a window.


Old Display Cabinet Indoor Greenhouse
A display cabinet transformed into a greenhouse
Refresh Living
This indoor greenhouse was originally a display case that has been fitted with shelves and lighting. You’ll first need to search thrift shops or antique stores for a cabinet you can turn into a greenhouse. You can then paint it and add shelves and lights. It’s now ready to be planted with seeds or plants!


IKEA Milsbo Greenhouse Cabinets
Two white greenhouse cabinets
IKEA Milsbo cabinet is used to create this indoor greenhouse. Both a tall and wide one is used. This post will explain how to install lights in cabinets.


DIY Greenhouse Cabinet
White greenhouse cabinet in living room
A cabinet was purchased online and converted into an indoor green house. This large cabinet holds many plants. Consider replacing your standard light with something more eye-catching, like this pink lamp.


Corner Greenhouse
White indoor greenhouse cabinet with plants on it
This cute cabinet is equipped with plastic shelves and lights to provide a safe space for your favorite plants. This cabinet is the perfect size. You can have many plants, but still have enough space to store them.


Detolf Cabinet Greenhouse
A greenhouse cabinet
Sprouts and Stems
Another indoor greenhouse idea using an IKEA Detolf Cabinet. The cabinet is slim and tall, so it’s easy to find the right place. Place it near a window, where plants will thrive.