22 Affordable Front Yard Landscaping Concepts

Landscape costs can quickly add up between labor and materials. You can make a few changes yourself for less than $100 in a weekend. You might get a good return on investment if you are willing to make some more complex and expensive changes. This will result in lower maintenance costs as well as an increase in property value. Take inspiration from the front yard landscaping ideas and get out there with your shovel.


Use large flower pots as landscaping features
Front yard landscaping ideas that are affordable

The impact of large flower pots on your porch or driveway, for example, can be as great as a large flowerbed. Container gardening requires less tools and soil. Choose common landscaping plants such as arborvitaes, bamboos, feather reedgrass, boxwoods, and elephant ears, which all grow well in large containers.


Add more flower beds around existing features
Flowerbeds without retaining walls or pavers

Not all flower beds require a retaining wall. You don’t have to build extra features if you just want to add more plants to your yard.

You can, for example, plant a row evergreens along an existing walkway in order to add a sense structure and purpose. Mulch the area surrounding your newly planted plants to create contrast and prevent weeds from growing.


Choose Pea Gravel or Stepping Stones Over Concrete
Paver and pea gravel walkway

Concrete is expensive and pea gravel offers a stylish, cheaper alternative. Pea gravel walkways and patios are also relatively easy to DIY. This will save you money on labor. Add stepping stones if you want to have a smooth surface for your walkway up to your home.


Pavers are the best option.
Pavers and grass

It makes no sense to cover your lawn with concrete or gravel for a walkway if it already has lush green grass. Some affordable pavers can make the perfect place for your feet.


Pavers and Reclaimed Bricks are a great way to edge your driveway
Driveway lined with stones

The small details are often what make a front lawn look perfect. In this design, we love the addition of stone pavers to the driveway.

You can find reclaimed bricks on Facebook Marketplace for free or at a reasonable price if you have a large driveway. It may be necessary to buy bricks from several sellers but keeping the color the same will help keep your design cohesive.


Keep Your Plant Choices Simple
Simple flower beds with Two Types of Plants

You can keep your flower beds affordable by sticking to just one or two plant types. You may also qualify for a discount on bulk purchases if you buy several of the same plant.

Choose one evergreen bush and one flowering bush to create a sense texture and variety. As they mature, hydrangeas or boxwood will fill in more space.


If Your Area Is Drought Prone, Consider Xeriscape
Start a Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape landscaping is a method of landscaping that uses plants that can thrive in a desert-like environment. This method of landscaping is perfect for areas that receive little rain and have lots of sunshine.

In such areas, desert and drought-tolerant plants are less likely die. This means that you will not have to buy them again mid-season. You can also save money by choosing plants that need less water.


Start native plants from seed
Native coneflowers

It’s important to consider what plants would work best in your yard, even if you do not live in an area prone to drought. You could be wasting money on plants that will not survive until late summer.

Choose native plants to help you achieve this. Native plants that bloom are good for the local ecosystem because they attract insects and pollinators.


Stick with perennials
Perennials in flower beds

Perennials, or plants that can withstand cold temperatures and return to spring each year are perennials. If you take care of them, it’s a relatively low-cost investment.


Fill in Gaps With Landscaping Rocks
Large landscaping stones in flower beds

It’s easy to fix a problem if you have large landscaping stones on hand. Simply move them into the flowerbed and replace the missing plant. The cost of a few medium landscaping stones is similar to that of a large landscaping plant.


Mulch Your Large Garden Beds
Mulch in a garden bed

Mulch is less expensive than gravel, but it still provides a stylish, durable option to cover your garden beds. Mulch is a great choice for covering extra-large garden beds because it’s less expensive. You may have to replace your mulch after a year to maintain its appearance.


Enhance your landscaping beds with multi-colored gravel
Multi-colored gravel

You can upgrade your garden beds if they are currently mulched. A layer of multicolored gravel will give them a more attractive look. You’ll also get more out of your gravel purchase because it lasts longer.

Add a different color to the gravel you already have to create a more interesting look. Mix the colors with a rake.


Plants can help you to focus on the door.
Small shrubs in front of the door

You can make your front door stand out by adding small shrubs to either side of the walkway. It will draw your attention to the front door, and make your guests feel welcome. This can be done even if your walkway curves or has an angle before you reach the door.


Choose Plants that Look Good All Year Long
Plants that look great all year round and grow quickly

Some landscaping plants are stunning in any season. If you want to have greenery in your yard, even during the winter months, then evergreens are an obvious choice. Hydrangeas are also a great choice for winter because they have a long season of blooming and their clusters dry out beautifully.


You can enhance your curb appeal by planting at the Curb
Plants on the curb of a house

You don’t need to confine yourself to just the garden beds along your home’s edge when landscaping your front yard. By adding plants to your sidewalk, you can make it a nice place for your neighbors.


Create Sculptural Lawn Art
Colorful Lawn Art

You don’t have to plant flowers to make your yard more colorful and interesting. You can create sculptural yard art with paint and cylinder pipes from your local hardware store if you have some free time.


Tulips are a great way to bring on the early spring cheer.
Tulips along the walkway

Tulip bulbs make for a very inexpensive landscaping plant. Tulip bulbs are some of the earliest plants to bloom during the spring. They can add a touch to your lawn as you wait for other plants to grow after the long winter.

Certain modern varieties of tulip bulbs can last in the ground and bloom for more than 10 years.


You can add one new row of plants at a time
A garden bed with rows and rows of plants

If you are starting from scratch, it’s best to start slowly. Add just one row of plants every year to keep overwhelm at bay. This will also make your budget for plants seem more manageable.


Let Vines Climb
Climbing plants on retaining walls

Vining plants can be started from small seeds or starters. The vines can be allowed to grow on a retaining wall, or a short fence in the front yard.


Fill Your Garden Beds with Shrubs That Do Not Need to Be Pruned
Garden beds with evergreen beds

Outsourcing this chore can be expensive. Some evergreen shrubs like Gem Box Ink Berry Holly do not require trimming or pruning.


Choose Gardens Over Grass
Lawn with only a garden

This design from @ladylandscape shows that you do not need a lawn with pristine grass to have a beautiful front garden. The upfront cost of filling your lawn is not the only cost.

Turf grass doesn’t grow in North America so you will need to water it regularly to keep it green. You can usually get away with letting rain water your garden. Start your garden with small plants and seeds to keep costs down.


Keep Your Garden Bed Small
small garden bed

If you’re on a budget, adopt a quality-over-quantity mindset regarding your garden bed. You can choose higher-end plants such as roses or pea gravel if you have a limited amount of space in your garden bed.