42 Landscape Ideas for Compact Front Yards

It is important to pay attention to the details when landscaping your front yard. The smaller the yard, the greater the importance of paying attention to each detail. Your small yard can be located in front a cottage that’s set back on a small plot or in front of an enormous home built right next to the sidewalk. The landscaping of your yard should match the architecture of the home and adapt to your local climate and surroundings.

These small front yard ideas will help you improve the curb appeal of your home.

Accent with Grass
front yard landscaping

Brophy Interiors installed cement pavers with thick grass borders to create the illusion of an outdoor space in this modern Southern California house that is located close to the road and behind a high wall.


Keep the Midcentury style
front yard landscaping

Mary Patton Design’s home, with its small front yard and patio-style porch, feels authentic to the period and style of midcentury modern landscaping. The architecture is highlighted by the clean lines, the mix of materials and the minimal plantings.


Utilize What You Have
front yard landscaping

Keep your front yard simple if your house is situated on a large lot with mature trees. You can also add complementary plants to the front of your house. This will help it blend in with the surrounding natural landscape. A white picket-fence and mature trees frame this cottage-style Florida house from interior designer Maite Grandea. Two small patches of lawn are located on either side of the wide driveway.


Round the edges
front yard landscaping

Mary Patton Design has created a large house with mature trees surrounding it. The front yard is softened by the curved edges of the small yard that flanks the entrance. The ivy covered portion of the façade uses vertical space to compensate for the lack greenery on the floor, helping the house blend into the landscape.


Cape Cod Style
front yard landscaping

Tyler Karu Interiors and Design landscaped this historic Cape Cod style home in Maine with a small patch grass, curved bed flanking the door, as well as a pair vintage containers on the stairs. The front yard is surrounded by a flowering border that complements and keeps the house feeling timeless.


Rewilding a City Lot
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Seed Studio Landscape Design rewilded a concrete front lawn in San Francisco’s Mission District for clients who loved city life, but also wanted to bring a touch of nature into the exterior. Two new trees provide views of greenery while enhancing the small front yard. The entrance was paved with modern pavers, with woodland and meadow plants, to create a modern oasis that homeowners and passers-by can enjoy.


Mix Gravel + Grass
Small front yard landscaping

The small front yard of this 1920s Spanish style home from Blanco Bungalow in Long Beach is enclosed by a stucco fence. The front yard has a pea gravel and cement paver patio that match the driveway finishes on the other side. A small patch of grass complements the Southern California plants.


Flower the Walkway
Small front yard landscaping

Modern Glam’s small front yard is filled with trees, shrubs and bushes in urns. The result is a lush, welcoming home.


Go European
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Seed Studio Landscape Design was commissioned by clients inspired by their European vacation to add some old world charm to this traditional Californian home. The front yard is landscaped in a meadow-style with a rustic stone walkway, a tiered water fountain and traditional English and California natives. It is a refuge from the busy street.


Mix High and Low
front yard landscaping

This Spanish-style Florida bungalow by Calimia Home has a front yard with grass and palm trees.


Go Native
Small front yard landscaping ideas

A cedar fence separates the small front yard from the street of this San Carlos home designed by Seed Studio Landscape Design. The front yard has been landscaped to include native plants that will attract hummingbirds and bees as well as beneficial insects. There is also a citrus tree and a small veggie garden.


Accent with Green
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Pinnacle Landscape & Design has landscaped this small front yard with grass patches on either side and plantings that will grow over time. The bright green door complements the greenery.


Landscape Fountain
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Emily Henderson Design created a front yard fountain in a traditional design, with landscaping all around it. It looks like it has been there for years and adds charm to a home’s storybook façade.


The Slope
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Attardo Architecture & Design created a transition from the street to the front yard, which is surrounded with trees, by adding a sliver a vivid green grass.


Keep It Contemporary
front yard landscaping

White Sands Landscaped this modern Southern California home’s front with a small rectangular of grass to add color. The front entry is paved with a patterned tile pathway and entry stairs, and the driveway is paved with cement.


Add timeless touches
front yard landscaping

Mary Patton Design gave this front yard a timeless look with the use of bushes and a patch of grass that weren’t too manicured. Vintage accents, such as a pair vintage finials flanking front door, were also used.


Fence it In
front yard landscaping

This Northern California home by Cathie Hong Interiors has a fenced-in front yard. However, the front walkway of staggered pavers is planted with flowers, grasses and a tree to substitute for the small yard. The result is an organic, sculptural landscape that fits the style of the house.

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Make a statement
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Planting a large number of flowers in one color to contrast your home’s exterior is a great way to create a dramatic impact in a small yard. This dark gray house from Finding Lovely has a small front yard with a ring of orange tulips surrounding a mature tree.


Sidewalk Landscape
Small front yard landscaping ideas

White Sands made up for the lack a front yard with succulents. They added color and warmth to this Southern California Spanish bungalow, enhancing its curb appeal. The grasses on the wall that surrounds the entryway are designed to match the landscaping of the sidewalk and give the facade a seamless look.


Add Colorful Flowers
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Lady Landscape planted a variety of colorful flowers around a small, shady tree in the generously landscaped garden. The result is a relaxed English country feel.


Add a Picket Fence
Small front yard landscaping ideas

A classic white picket fencing can add charm to your small front yard, as shown in this Swedish country house from Fantastic Frank. The trees and plants obscure the façade but remain visible to passersby, giving the space a semi open feel.


Give it a Modern Manicure
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Urbanology Designs added structure and style to this small front lawn by adding small patches of grass and trim hedges. These small patches of grass and trim hedges complement the modern style of the house and the landscaping.


Seating Zones
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Emily Henderson Design’s home doesn’t feature a porch in front, but the bench seating just outside the entrance allows you to sit and enjoy the view of the beautifully landscaped yard. The front yard is surrounded by potted and planted trees and flowers.


Complement with Earth Tones
Small front yard landscaping ideas

A cedar fence surrounds this Northern California home designed by Seed Studio Landscape Design. It is planted with native plants and has a small garden. The cocoa brown color of the house’s exterior and the warm tones in the fence complement the greenery, giving the home an earthy and calming feel.


Add a Retaining Wall
Small front yard landscaping ideas

This small front yard in Southern California, perched over the street, is surrounded by a bright white retaining fence that contains a vibrant patch of green grass. The modern style of the property comes from Home Consultant.


Add Contrast
Small front yard ideas

The front yard of this Spanish island home, designed by Fantastic Frank, is filled with drought-tolerant turf. It adds movement and a minimal feel to the house’s vibrant stucco exterior and patio flooring.


Play with Height
front yard landscaping

This home by Mary Patton Design has a generous front yard flanked by sculpted hedges of varying shapes and sizes.


Use Odd Numbers
Small front yard landscaping ideas

This small front yard by Forge & Bow Dwellings is balanced with a trio of small trees on the left. The curved brick patio can be seen on the opposite side.


Drought Tolerant?
Small front yard landscaping ideas

The landscaping of this contemporary Denver, CO home by Fantastic Frank is eco-friendly and minimalist. Instead of grass, the ground cover is made up of stones and gravel.


Try White Variations
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Kate Marker Interiors planted a small front garden on either side of brick paver walkways with white flowers in a variety of heights and types. This added softness to the area and enhanced curb appeal, while complementing neutral colors of the façade.


Add Stone Edging
front yard landscaping

The front yard of a home designed by Mary Patton Design is softened with a tall tree, planted beds and stone edging.


Green the Sidewalk
Small front yard landscaping ideas

The green grass is present on both the lawn in front of the house and the area surrounding the large tree that shades the space on the other side.


Keep it Low Key
Front yard landscaping ideas

The low-maintenance landscape allows the intricate details on the façade of this Colorado home by Fantastic Frank to be seen while watering is kept to a minimum.


Soften the edges
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Brophy Interiors added greenery to the front of this small, walled-in yard. It gives it a more friendly atmosphere and complements the stone façade.


Go Maximalist
Small front yard landscaping

The front yard of this Emily Henderson Design storybook home is a large space with a two-car garage and a large driveway. However, the front yard has a variety of plants in it and the facade of the house is covered with green ivy. This gives the illusion of more green space.


Light it Up
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Pinnacle Landscape & Design installed simple landscape lighting in this small front yard to make it feel welcoming and warm after the sun has set.


Blend it In
Small front yard landscaping ideas

AHG Interiors’ A-frame Cabin is situated in a storybook wooded setting in the Catskills, New York. The cabin is surrounded by towering trees and lush green mountains. The small front yard has been landscaped in order to soften the façade and integrate it with the surrounding natural environment.


Add Filler
Small front yard landscaping ideas

This house by Phi Builders + Architects is a great example of how to fill up an uneven front yard that’s not conducive to grass. Instead, use mulch and small plants that can help bridge your home with the landscape.


Change it Up
Small front yard ideas

Sometime the best way to enjoy your front yard is by fencing it in and turning it into a private area. For example, this Los Angeles home from Home Consultant has a green lawn replaced with a gravel patch that’s planted with olive trees for an eco-friendly look that requires little watering. It also adds an air of Mediterranean courtyard.


Break it Up
Small front yard landscaping ideas

The front of this Southern California home by Gaia Inspire has a gated entry. However, sculptural cacti and native grasses are complemented with rocks and different shades of green to create a warm, inviting, and modern feel.


Keep it Simple
Small front yard landscaping ideas

This modern Colorado Cottage from Fantastic Frank features a narrow walkway flanked with two patches of grass that are perfect for throwing a ball around or letting the dog run.


Hug the Hillside
Small front yard landscaping ideas

Landscape design can be used to make the most of a small plot of land. The minimally-planted retaining walls of this Austin, TX house from Martha O’Hara Interiors integrate the home into the contours and slopes of the hilltop property.

How to landscape a front yard with a limited space?
No matter how big or small your house is, landscaping should always complement its style and surroundings. Landscape a small front yard with grass, astroturf or gravel. Consider landscaping the base of a large tree in your front yard and making it the focal point. Consider planting a tree in your yard and covering the rest with pea gravel.

How can I make a small yard look good?
Treating your front yard with the same attention you would give a larger area will make it look great. Keep your landscaping simple and easy-to-maintain. Pay attention to your front lawn’s other details, such as the walkway and porch, to complement your small front-yard landscaping. Simple decor such as an outdoor sconce or mailbox, landscape lighting on the front walkway, a seating area for your front porch, and landscape lighting along your front walkway will enhance your yard.

How can I make the front of my house look more expensive?
Keep it simple, elegant and well-maintained to give your front yard an expensive look. You can give your front yard a classic feel by using topiaries and sculpted hedges. A centrally placed fountain will also make it look more expensive. You can also go the opposite way and use stylized xeriscaping to create a modern look that includes drought-tolerant plants adapted to changing climates.