Spruce Up Your Backyard with 33 DIY Garden Ideas

These DIY garden projects will either give you more gardening space, or a project to really elevate your existing one. Some of these projects are great for the backyard, but others would look amazing if they were placed in front.

Some projects can be completed in minutes, while others may require a few hours or even a weekend. You can give your garden an original look by tackling any DIY gardening idea.


Raised Garden Beds
Raised garden beds

These raised garden beds can be used to add to an existing garden or create a brand new one. These raised gardens are made from beautiful cedar planks and look just as good as they perform. They’ll last for many years, and will withstand the elements well.


Shed Window Box Planters
Window box with flowers

Window box planters are a great way to have a little space for one or two plants. This one has been built into a window in a shed to create a little more space for a small garden. This project demonstrates how to make the crate and then whitewash it for a rustic appearance.


Succulent Garden in a Fountain
Fountain with plants growing inside it

This succulent garden comes in a unique container! These succulents were not grown in a container, but in an outdoor fountain. The succulents are layered, creating an incredibly full look.


Pallet Garden Walkway
Pallet walk

You can make a pathway that runs through your garden using just two pallets. You can either leave them as is or paint them for a different look. This is a very simple project.


Greenhouse with Custom Flooring
A woman in a greenhouse

A greenhouse in your garden could be the ultimate goal. This project will show you how to add a paver flooring to any greenhouse. The floor will then be stenciled to give it a whimsical look.


Solar Fountain
Irises in bucket

Add some water-loving plant life to any large vessel and a solar water pump. This is a living decoration you can place anywhere in your garden or yard.


Small Space Vertical Herb Garden
An herb garden having on a shed

Even vertical spaces can be transformed into gardens. This herb garden was enclosed in a weed-blocking barrier with pockets that were sewn into it to hold the plants. These can be made to any size, so they can fit your space.


Repurposed Patio Chair Planters
Pink patio chair transformed into a planter

Recycle an old patio chair that you have found at a thrift store and turn it into something brand new. The chair is ready to be repurposed as a planter after a few coats with contrasting spray paint. It looks fantastic amongst the garden beds.


Cold Frame Garden Beds
Three cold frame raised beds frames

Cold-frame beds will keep your plants warm, even in the coldest weather. You can use it as a mini-greenhouse to cover your plants in the winter. They have a stunning black finish that makes them look like art.


Trellis Herb Garden
The trellis is a trellis of herbs

This project includes directions for building a simple trellis. The buckets and hooks are then added to the trellis after a simple paint job. The buckets are large enough to grow herbs, but you can also plant anything in them. This is a vertical garden which will save you space.


Container Gardens
Planting flowers in outdoor containers

In almost any container, you can grow a plant. This guide will take you from choosing the flowers all the way to getting your container garden ready. You will find many great tips and tricks to help you create beautiful container gardens.


Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones
Stepping stones with color in a garden

The paths in a garden can make it really special. These simple stepping stones can be made by stenciling paint on pavers. You can choose your own colors and design to suit your garden.


Cement Garden Beds
Concrete raised garden beds

Here are some stylish concrete garden beds, which are low-lying and made of concrete. This is a great project for a low-budget that will allow you to have a different way of growing your garden.


Rainbow Vertical Garden
Colorful vertical gardens

There’s no reason why your garden decor can’t be colorful. This vertical rainbow garden has been painted in bright colors to give plenty of space for new plants.


No Dig Garden
A bathtub transformed into a planter

No-dig gardens are those where soil is not disturbed. The idea is to replicate how soil forms in nature. A no-dig garden has been placed in a bathtub, surrounded by vegetable plants.


Hanging Basket Garden
Hanging baskets along the side of your house

Use baskets as a way to create vertical space in your garden. Three baskets have been used, and are attached with colorful rope. This is hung from the side of a home, but it could be hung anywhere in your garden or yard.


Wood Obelisk
A wooden garden obleisk

This obelisk, made of wood, is a type trellis used for climbing plants and vegetables. It is not only functional but also looks beautiful amongst your plants. One looks great, but two could flank the garden’s entrance.


Mason Jar Wall Garden
Mason jars on the wall

This fun garden can be hung from the wall of your shed or home using a chicken wire frame. These jars are used to grow flowers, but they would also make an excellent herb garden. This rustic farmhouse style may look right at home with your porch decor.


Kid’s Garden
A Child’s Garden

You can encourage their interest in gardening by creating their own space. This low-lying mini garden is perfect for growing a variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The mini garden has a raised bed, herb pots, and lattice to allow the vegetables to grow vertically.


Tomato Trellis With Conduit
A tomato trellis

You can use a trellis to support your tomatoes and allow them to grow vertically. You’ll be happy that pests can’t get to your tomatoes, and the tomatoes will enjoy the extra space. Made of durable conduit, it’s built to last for many seasons.


Pallet Planter Box with Cascading Flowers
Planter box with flowers

This planter is designed to encourage flowers to grow in different directions, so that they appear as if they are cascading. This pallet is made of wood and gets more beautiful every year. It can be left natural, as shown in the picture. Or you can stain it to give it a more polished appearance. Choose flowers that will bloom for the duration of the summer to enjoy them the longest.


Protective Plant Cover
Wire box around a plant

You’ll want your plants protected if you find yourself with some unwanted visitors in your garden. This sturdy protective plant cover can be used every year. This will give your plants the best chance to fight off those pesky critters.


Hanging Gutter Planter with Stand
A hanging plant stand

A wooden frame has been built to support sections of gutter. A cute herb garden is growing inside the gutters. The gutters are painted, giving them a playful look. This is an excellent way to save on space by growing plants vertically.


Hose Holder with Pallet Wood Planter
A garden hose hidden inside a planter

Hose holders are a clever way to conceal your garden hose. This simple project will allow you to make one. The pallet wood has been cleaned and is used to build the structure. The top of the structure can be used to plant a small garden and you can store your hose inside. The hose can be retracted with ease using the drawer pull.


The Budget Friendly Gravel Garden Path
A grave garden path

You can create a garden path that is affordable and looks like it belongs in your garden. Gravel is used to cover the majority of this path, with stones as an edging. This tutorial includes the entire process, from digging a ditch to completing the path.


Chevron Lattice Trellis
Trellis with chevron pattern

A trellis can help vegetables like cucumbers and peas to grow. This chevron style is an updated version of the classic, and looks great when used in pairs. You can place the trellis in your garden, or against a building to create a new growing area.


Wooden Garden Bench
A wooden bench

The garden bench is a great addition to any garden. It gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your garden. You can build a bench for beginners that looks like it came out of a design magazine. It will look great in any garden with its clean lines and simple profile.


Determining the size of a garden bed
A flower garden with an edge

This garden bed has a crisp, clean edge that separates the plants and the yard. You could use this in your vegetable garden or flower beds.


Mosaic Tile Window Box
The planter is covered in white mosaic tiles

You can transform an old wooden window box into something unique with this tutorial. The mosaic tile gives it a modern and clean look. For the best result, choose a color that matches your home or garden.


Teapot Garden Decor
A blue teapot decor

This piece will be perfect for a garden that is purely decorative. This piece is made from an old teapot, some beads and decorative wire. It looks like it is watering the plants by itself when placed in between them. Include some lights to keep it looking as beautiful after dark.


Strawberry Garden Free Standing
Strawberry garden that is freestanding

Two hanging baskets are used to grow strawberries in this adorable strawberry garden. You can customize the sign to reflect your own sunny strawberry patch. You can build it lower if you’d like your kids to get involved.


Inlay Garden Markers
Wooden garden markers

You can use garden markers to mark the location of your herbs, flowers, and produce. It’s especially useful for vegetables, which can be very similar in size. The garden markers here are carved using an inlay. However, you can achieve a similar effect with vinyl and stencils.


Raised Garden Beds for Vegetables
Vegetable garden with paver edging

You can create a flowerbed or garden in your backyard by using pavers as the edge. The stones will last much longer than wood, particularly if you live near water. For the best effect, stack them two or three planters up.