DIYable Garden Arch Ideas That are Absolutely Charming

Look at these DIY garden arches and pick the one that suits your style and needs. The arch doesn’t need to be in the garden, it can also be placed in the yard or on a deck. The garden arch has similar benefits to a pergola or trellis and is very similar to an arbor.

There are many reasons why garden arches can be useful. They provide shade for those who are relaxing outside. They’ll also add some decor to your yard or garden, so that you can entertain outside guests during the summer months.

You can make 13 beautiful garden arches yourself.


Garden Archway Trellis
The garden arch is full of vines

This garden archway is a budget-friendly option that uses rolled fence to create the archway. It also acts as a climbing trellis. This archway is incredibly effective and provides a shady garden tunnel.


Garden Arch with Gate
The gate of a white garden arch

This DIY garden arch allows you to reuse your existing arch. This garden arch has a gate as well. This is a beautiful decorative yard piece you will love for many years.


Garden Arch with Cattle Panel Trellis
Vegetables arranged in a garden arch

This project will show you how to make a garden arched using a cattle panel. This is a fantastic guide that will encourage you to plan your arch carefully before building it. This guide has a number of useful tips for building the perfect arch.


Backyard Arch
The white garden arch is a great addition to any patio

This archway in the backyard acts as a pathway separating the backyard from the orchard. This arch creates a beautiful transition between the orchard and backyard. You can place a table and chairs under the arch for some shade.


Garden Bed Arched Trellis
The archway is covered with vines

An arch has been attached to raised garden beds. The arch is made from steel cattle panels, which are both sturdy and inexpensive. The arch is filled with tomato plants and green beans.


Wooden Arch
A garden arbor on a deck

This garden arbor, originally built for a wedding, is now being used as a deck. The builder needed it to be affordable, portable, tall and durable. You can follow the instructions and watch a video to learn more.


Grape Arches for the Garden
A wooden garden arch in a garden

You can use this arch to grow grapes, but it could be used for other plants or vegetables that have vines. This arch is similar to a pergola, and provides some shade beneath it.


Obelisk Garden Arch
A pink garden arch

This DIY garden arch has obelisk-shaped sides that can be used as tomato cages or to let plants climb. The interesting shape of this DIY garden arch is highlighted with a new coat of bright pink spray paint.


Cattle Panel Trellis Arch
The garden arch is made of fencing

The arch will keep the vegetables off the ground and allow them to breathe, while also protecting them from pests. The trellis arches are constructed from a cattle panel, which is easier to install and cheaper than metal or wood arches.


X Arch with Bench
The white garden arch includes a bench

This is a unique twist on the decorative garden arch. The bench provides a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the shade provided by the arch. This arch could be used as a decorative piece or you can plant creeping flowers in the empty spaces.


Rustic Garden Arch
The archway with flowers on it

This simple wooden arch has a rustic look. This arch is closer to the home, and provides a beautiful view from the window. Queens Wreath is climbing up this arch.


Garden Beds with Arch
A woman working in a garden

Two raised garden beds flank this DIY garden arch. Two arches are present, giving you plenty of space to plant vines. This arch is made of cedar, so it will last a long time in the weather.


Arched Garden Arbor
The archway with a girl beneath it

This DIY garden arch can be placed anywhere in your garden or yard. The arch is made primarily of wood with some fencing acting as a trellis to support the plants. This arch can be built for less than $100.